JUCKER HAWAII Balance Board Homerider ULUA

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Poduszka balansowa
Mata korkowa 183 x 61 cm

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JUCKER HAWAII Balance Board Homerider Ulua

Stylish - Noble - Ulua

The Homerider Ulua is a piece of art, almost too nice to even stand on. Inspired by the Ulua (Hawaiian for Jack Fish) the design is shaped into the top of the board via modern CNC machinery.

The size and construction offers a beginner friendly deck area, while at the same time advanced riders have enough flexibility to increase their repertoire of tricks.

The JUCKER HAWAII Homerider is an effective training tool for any kind of athletes. Most board sport athletes use Homeriders for their cross-training, strengthening the core and thigh muscles, while increasing their sense of balance at the same time.

After training the Ulua must not be hidden in the closet, it also makes for a great decoration piece for any living room or office space.

Find your Balance!

* Note: Do not use the Homerider on a smooth surface, always ride it on a piece of carpet or a mat for a secure stance.

Homerider Balance Board Deck

  • Szrokosc: 430 mm
  • Dlugosc: 750 mm
  • Waga: 3,15 kg
  • Material: 10 warstw brzozy i klonu

Homerider Tube:

  • Dlugosc: 470 mm
  • Srednica: 165 mm
  • Grubosc scian: 8 mm
  • Trzy dodatkowe paski uchwytu

Cork roller Small Wave / Wave / Big Wave:

  • Dlugosc: 450 mm
  • Srednica: 80 mm / 105 mm / 140 mm
  • Material: Korek, pelny material

  • Dlugosc: 450 mm
  • Srednica: 120 mm
  • Material: Aluminium, pokryte poliuretanem

Homerider cork mat:

  • Dlugosc: 1830 mm
  • Szrokosc: 610 mm
  • Material: Korek, gumowany, antyposlizgowy spˇd

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