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Cruising, Carving, Streetsurfing Board

RUGGED Skatesurfer Trucks

Up to 110 kg

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The PAU HANA is a noble board in the very best skatesurfer style.

The classic 31x10 inch fishtail shape of maple, dark bamboo and the passionate artwork make every sundowner an unforgettable session.

Equipped with the RUGGED Skatesurfer Trucks and 65mm 80A Street Balls the PAU HANA is for everyone who likes to go with the flow and surf the streets.

The front truck is extremely flexible while the rear truck remains stable. With this setup the board can be pumped easily out of the stand.

The wheelbase is measured from tightest to wider turns. Of course there is a kicktail for all the pool and bowl lovers.

If you ride the Skatesurfer, you'll feel some waves even in the city.

"Pau Hana" is hawaiian and means afterwork, quality time, relaxing. However you name it, what could be better than going for a ride?

You do not have to be a surfer to hit the city with the PAU HANA Skatesurfer - but chances are high you'll become one.

100% Enjoy Your Ride

* All Jucker Hawaii boards are fully assembled and ready to ride!

JUCKER HAWAII Cruiser Deck PAU HANA 10" x 31"

  • Width: 255mm / 10"
  • Length: 800mm / 31"
  • Wheelbase: 520mm / 20.5"
  • Material: Five layers of cold pressed Canadian maple, 2 layers of bamboo (outer layers)
  • Concave: low
  • Griptape: Standard

Surf Trucks NEW RUGGED˛ Skatesurfer Trucks 6.3

  • Hanger width (inside): 160 mm / 6.3 inches
  • Axis pin width (outside): 230 mm / 9 inch
  • Height: 70 mm / 2.75 inch >/li>>>li>Bushings black 95A
  • Newschool (41.28mm x 53.98mm) & Oldschool (41.28mm x 63.5mm)
  • Color: blue
  • JUCKER HAWAII Wheels Superballs

    • Diameter / Diameter: 70 mm
    • Width / Width: 42 mm
    • Running surface / Contact Patch: 32 mm
    • Durometer: 80A
    • Urethane: Street Juice
    • Spacer: 10 mm
    • Bearings: JUCKER HAWAII ABEC 9

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